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Happy work in Wellmax

Posted By: admin on Jun 29, 2012 in Company news

A month ago, our office moved to a new place which closes to my house, I changed to bike to office from then on. Our new office is full of green plant ,which lets us feel energetic and very happy to work in such beautiful place. Every day, I go to work by bike, it …

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Pleasant work atmosphere Wellmax family provide to us

Posted By: admin on Jun 28, 2012 in Company news

I like my job as a salesman, I could meet different customers,make different kind of friends, what is more is that our customers’ business can be getting better with the help of me. I have been learning more and more during my work in Shanghai Wellmax Lighting group. I ever asked myself,how to become a …

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Energy Saving Lamp is the perfect replacement for incandescent lamp

Posted By: admin on Jun 26, 2012 in Company news

Energy Saving Lamp with screw base are the perfect replacement for the standard incandescent lamp for its several special settings. WELLMAX can offer Energy Saving Lamp with E14 base and E27 screw base, B22 bayonet base and GU10 plug base in various shapes, sizes,output ratings and light colors etc. Besides, energy saving lamp service life …

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An Impressive Training

Posted By: admin on Jun 26, 2012 in Company news

On the 1st Saturday of June, all sales and marketing persons of our Wellmax group attended a training in our office. After the training, we found it’s really an impressive lesson to us.   We have learnt something new in the international business market. The objective market changed. It requires us to do more and …

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A new design color box has come forth

Posted By: admin on Jun 25, 2012 in Company news

We quite delight to notice that a new design of LED color box from wellmax lighting has come forth, just like the kind of color box of milk,at the top of the box, there is triangle for other 3 sides. It looks good in shape and will be very attractive in supermarket. Furthermore, we use …

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Assembling Energy saving lamps to reduce the taxes

Posted By: admin on Jun 21, 2012 in Company news

One of our customers,with the hope of getting more competitive in their local market, asked for our assistance in supplying seperate parts of lamps to assemble by themself in order to avoid much taxes and save much cost, for this reason,he has built his own factory in his country. There is big market space expanding …

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LED Price Should Be Reduced By Advanced Technology

Posted By: admin on Jun 20, 2012 in Industry news

In Chinese Market, we can predict that in the following 3-5 years, LED lighting will take up more than 60% market in lighting area with development of LED chip. Right now, the main limiting factor of LED lighting is the high price compared with traditional lights. How to reduce the price is the main topic …

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PROCEL and ENCE standard modified

Posted By: admin on Jun 19, 2012 in Industry news

ENCE and PROCEL, the major standard of Brazil electron products, which was revised on Aug. 2012, required that energy saving lamps for Brazil market should apply to ENCE or PROCEL requirement. Electrical safety tests items revised as follow: · Marking Resistance · Heat Temperature · Base Temperature Increase · Base Interchangeability · Electric Chock Protection · Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Strength after Humidity Treatment · Torque Test · Total quantity of lamps sent to the laboratory = minimum 25 of each model Not only the safety, but also the efficiency has been revised. The lumen flux increased nearly 10% than the old standard and the P.F. requested to be 0.9 or higher for the lamps of 25 watt. In the past, P.F.>0.9 is requested for 60W or bigger. From Jun. 2012, energy saving lamps with the life of 3000 hours can not pass the custom in Brazil.

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A New government project of Energy Saving lamps

Posted By: admin on Jun 15, 2012 in Company news

At present,we are dealing with some government project of Energy Saving lamps and LED lamps to some north American and African market. Coming to the Energy Saving lamps first,the customer from north American market requested the shipping date within 60 days with the quantity of 1 million pcs and high quality, we are now making …

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The Walmart’s bid is in process

Posted By: admin on Jun 14, 2012 in Company news

  One of our new production bases in Zhong Shan city will open in near future in order to enlarge our production capacity to a great extent. We still have loads of work to do before its design defined, for the production scale should be under control precisely. All engineers and skilled workers there have …

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