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Wellmax LED projector Light series

Posted By: admin on Nov 30, 2012 in Company news

WELLMAX LED projector light series with its high light intensity and simple design is ideally suited for outdoor lighting. The appearance and structure is fit for the outdoor project using. The light body is using the high pressure die-casting aluminum,with electrostatic plastic coating.The isolated two bodies design could have the separate heat conduction,and it will …

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Customers are so Kind to us

Posted By: admin on Nov 28, 2012 in Company news

Being sales manager over 5 years, I feel so lucky and happy with all. We meet different customers from different countries, they have quite different culture, which make me learn too much, and I told China Culture to our customers, I love to talk and make friends with each of them. Doing cooperation is based …

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Wellmax LED tunnel lights series

Posted By: admin on Nov 27, 2012 in Company news

Wellmax LRE1 light series are kinds of the LED tunnel light which looks good,has many funtions and strong weather-resistance. Main part is made by die-casting aluminum and aluminium alloy. The structure is firm and has high impact resistance.The good heat conduction could make the light work normally for very long time in the bad condition …

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Wellmax won the tug-of-war game

Posted By: admin on Nov 22, 2012 in Company news

We are excited to share our happy moment with you. The tug-of-war game held on this Monday in our work community,there were 12 companies take part in the game, after the three-round of games (the preliminary, semi-finals and finals),our company SHANGHAI WELLMAX won the game finally,we ‘d like to show the photos of our group …

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Wellmax LED spot lights series

Posted By: admin on Nov 21, 2012 in Company news

Wellmax modern and fashionable design makes the LED spot lights an artwork,perfectly combined with the environment. The light is mainly made of high-pressed die-casting materials with anti-anging and antistatic spray surface treatment,resulting in eminent self-clean and anticorrosive performance. Steel glass cover with high strength can well resist impact.Also,the light can allocate white light or single …

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Wellmax LED garden lights series

Posted By: admin on Nov 20, 2012 in Company news

Wellmax concept of LRB5 garden light roots in the flying wing.The active streamline designing and the sport styple higlight its special individuality. The light body is integral molded which features with high strength.The light applies multi-chips module combined technology,the light source module can be dismantled or replaced and the service life of light is more …

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Wellmax designs lighting according to your specific requirements

Posted By: admin on Nov 19, 2012 in Company news

To choose the right light sources and illuminator, the light should be designed according to the specific requirements on the occasion;Determine a reasonable way of lighting and layout program; under the condition of saving energy and money, to create a satisfactory visual conditions, so as to get a good, comfortable and enjoyable work, study and …

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The tips to choose light fixtures or luminaires

Posted By: admin on Nov 16, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

A dark bulb shade tend to absorb more than half the light output of a lamp before it is going to light up your house.So you will save electrity and cost simply through changing more transparent shades which let more of the light light up your room directly. The most energy saving fixture will usually …

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The most efficient replacement for conventional bulbs

Posted By: admin on Nov 14, 2012 in Company news

A diode is a simple solid state electronic device that allows electricity to flow in one direction only. Light-emitting diodes,usually,call LED for short,is another different technology,just as its name implies, releases light when the electricity flows through it. LED lights have been in the market for a time, but they only release a small amount …

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Stop wasting electricity and reduce your cost

Posted By: admin on Nov 13, 2012 in Company news

Energy saving bulbs use a totally different technology from GLS or halogens lamps. The gas inside the glass tube is charged up and then it lightened. This causes a coating on the inside of the glass tube to ‘fluoresce’, emitting the white light that we need. Energy saving bulbs only consume around 15% to 25% …

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