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Posted By: admin on Jun 29, 2016 in Company news

all of you know, in 2016, WELLMAX became Samsung Electronics’ global strategic partner and the first company in China that received SAMSUNG’s LED ingredient brand authorization. SAMSUNG ranks 2nd in brand value on a global scale largely due to its product popularity and customer loyalty. Now what if WELLMAX tells you that you can place …

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WELLMAX Ultra Bright High Power LED Rocket

Posted By: admin on Jun 22, 2016 in Company news

Top-notch  quality With SAMSUNG LED chips inside, WELLMAX technology means  more brightness, lifespan, stability and efficiency ▼ Wide  applications Excellent to replace HID, save up above 80% on  energy. Large area with high height like supermarket, factory are perfect  locations to use this product ▼ Email us via: Product  page:

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NEW HOT VIDEO! How Did Wellmax Do At The GILE?

Posted By: admin on Jun 22, 2016 in Company news

Thank you for coming to the 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your trip in China and warmly welcome you to visit us in Shanghai! Don’t miss out the video of WELLMAX GILE 2016 photo collage and recap the valuable moments in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. For our old friends who …

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WELLMAX Unveils Cutting-edge High Power LED Series Rocket

Posted By: admin on Jun 16, 2016 in Company news

Stylistic design Designed by famous industrial designer Daniel Koo who won several German iF awards, the Rocket has slender cylindrical body along with bold but minimalist design. Showcase stereoscopic light in 360 degree beam angle ▼ Top-notch quality SAMSUNG LED chips inside, special heat dissipation structure design, high-transmittance PC, new heat-conductive materials ▼ 55W/65W offering …

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LEDinside Interviews WELLMAX CEO Yamin Wang at GILE 2016

Posted By: admin on Jun 15, 2016 in Company news

This article was editted and first published by LEDinside after interviewing Wellmax’s CEO at GILE 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has become a wide platform for global LED lighting companies to seek partnership and customers. In this year’s exhibition, it can be observed that a growing number of large LED lighting vendors who target foreign …

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Cooperation between WELLMAX and SUMSUNG Start to Produce Positive Vibes

Posted By: admin on Jun 15, 2016 in Company news

Earlier this year when Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry (WELLMAX) and Samsung Electronics (SAMSUNG) established global strategic partnership, the entire China LED industry has just experienced the most challenging price war in the history of lighting. Many industry insiders predicted that in such a competitive environment, collaboration like this would certainly be a risky move. SAMSUNG …

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Samsung Electronics’ Vice President Visits Global Strategic Partner WELLMAX’s Booth at GILE

Posted By: admin on Jun 12, 2016 in Company news

The annual Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was held on 9th – 12th, June 2016. The LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX’s booth was again a popular success, attracting big numbers. Attendee Andrea from Italy told the reporter, “We didn’t quite know WELLMAX before this exhibition, but we saw WELLMAX’s booth and it is really eye-catching, like a …

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A Popular Success: Wellmax’s New Product Aero to Shine at GILE

Posted By: admin on Jun 11, 2016 in Company news

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the world’s most prestigious lighting event, was inaugurated on 9th, June, 2016 and Wellmax kicked-off the most anticipated annual event which has set a new record in size and exhibitors with a stunning 4-angle shaped product Aero bulb. Due to its cost-effective nature and improved technology, Aero bulb is highly acclaimed …

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Show Exclusive! Wellmax New Product – The AERO

Posted By: admin on Jun 08, 2016 in Company news

If ever a bulb invoke high flying deeds, this one is it. Wellmax delivers everything on our clients’ wishlist. Another breakthrough in LED bulb technology Production process is made faster and simpler, while lower-cost but distinctly visible Higher Luminous Efficacy can often do more than increasing profits ▼ Innovative design Lighter than ever, Unique Shape, …

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Winter is coming? Philips closed down its Shenzhen factory

Posted By: admin on Jun 07, 2016 in Industry news

In 2008, a RMB¥ 4 trillion (US$586 billion) economic stimulus plan and financial compensation for LED industry by Chinese government helped LED industry evolve rapidly. According to the statistics, over half of LED enterprise’s profits come from government compensation. Lured by the government incentives, LED enterprises just swarmed upon new projects and rushed headlong into …

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