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Accompany Your Mood With WELLMAX’s 2-In-1 Bulb – Two Colors In One Bulb!

Posted By: admin on Aug 02, 2017 in Company news

Warm white or cool daylight? Can’t decide which color to select? ▼ Here we make it easy! You can have both choices in one bulb with the WELLMAX Segmented Color LED series, conveniently adjusting the room mood the way YOU want! ▼ With amazing built-in memory chip, it can remember your last setting and require no …

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The Secrets Behind Getting Good Packaging Designs That Oversea Buyers Should Know

Posted By: admin on Aug 02, 2017 in Company news

Oversea buyers are often challenged by the dilemma of keeping product packaging cost down and of ensuring sufficient protection for products during transportation. One of the last steps on the manufacturing side, package the final products is often a neglected process by both the buyers and the manufacturers. A well-designed product packaging can not only …

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