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Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel Offers SKD Solutions

Posted By: Emily on Jul 10, 2019 in Company news

Our newly-released Sunflower LED panel has been the hot-focus since its debuted in June. Because of its concise design, the Sunflower also drives an increasing demand for SKD solutions, especially in the Southeast Asian, South American and African markets. It consists of several modularized parts, which allows it much easier to assemble than the regular LED …

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The Top-Selling LED Bulb Product with High CRI and High Quality

Posted By: Emily on Jul 08, 2019 in Company news

Today, we recommend one of our top-selling LED bulbs of European market to you! Adopted SAMSUNG LED chips and WELLMAX exclusive LED solution, this LED bulb is competitive in luminous efficacy and CRI compared to others: *Warm white color creates a cosy environment, allowing people to better relax, especially at leisure time at home. *The CRI up …

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You Have WELLMAX’s Full Backup in the Global Distributor Program

Posted By: Emily on Jul 03, 2019 in Company news

LED lighting industry has been in a Golden Era in recent years as the global lighting companies have poured in the ranks of LED lighting to seek a good fortune. However, opportunities always coexist with challenges: The competition of LED lighting industry is increasingly fierce, and most companies are at a loss when it comes …

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WELLMAX Basic HCL Series Makes the HCL Pragmatic and Affordabl

Posted By: Emily on Jul 01, 2019 in Company news

The most affordable and attractive HCL products on the 2019 GILE ▼ No need to use additional tools, just with the regular switch, you can easily adjust light brightness and color temperature according to human body’s need and simulate natural light of different times ▼ Thus, the Basic HCL can improve people’s physical and mental health because …

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Bulbized LED Panel — The Most Trendy LED Panel of 2019

Posted By: Emily on Jun 26, 2019 in Company news

WELLMAX is renowned as the LED Bulb Expert because we have been focusing on first-class light bulbs for 32 years, and have sold over one billion bulbs to 95 countries. Although we have gained great popularity in global lighting market and loyalty from the growing client base, we still keep innovating and adapting to higher …

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WELLMAX: Achieve HCL with Intelligence and LED Panel with LED Bulb Technology

Posted By: Emily on Jun 19, 2019 in Company news

According to the latest price report of LEDinside, the average price of LED bulb worldwide is in a downtrend as a whole, even though the price in some regions heats up thanks to their robust economy. Amid such a sluggish environment, many enterprises are confronted with severe challenge to survive, and some of them have even been …

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WELLMAX’s Sunflower LED Panel Enjoys the Most Attention at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Posted By: Emily on Jun 12, 2019 in Company news

With so much expectation and interest from global clients, we proudly let you know that our Bulbized Sunflower LED panel series officially came out at the 24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. It has attracted crowds of people and became the focus at our booth since the first day of the fair. The Sunflower series adopts backlit LED technology …

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“Bulbized” LED Panel Downlight of WELLMAX Become a Rising Star of GILE 2019

Posted By: Emily on Jun 12, 2019 in Company news

The 24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE 2019) has officially concluded today. As part of Messe Frankfurt’s architecture and technology shows, the event has gathered more than 2500 exhibitors from 22 countries to participate. The renowned LED Bulb Expert, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) attended the fair and debuted its innovative lighting solutions, attracting famous brands and buyers …

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Bulbized LED Panel Downlight Global Premiere at Guangzhou Int’l Lighting Exhibition! We Look Forward to Your Visit

Posted By: Emily on Jun 06, 2019 in Company news

The 24th Guangzhou Int’l Lighting Exhibition (GILE) is scheduled to open this weekend. What to look for on this most professional lighting fair? ▼ Yes! WELLMAX’s innovative LED panel light- Bulbized Sunflower LED panel which our clients have expected for a time is finally coming. ▼ What makes it get large amount of pre-orders since our …

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Better Than Ever! WELLMAX Optimized LED Tube Comes to Drive up Your Commercial Lighting Market Needs

Posted By: Emily on May 31, 2019 in Company news

Recently, many of good news are coming to WELLMAX from our global clients. They excitedly told us this T8 LED tube series not only boosted their sales by increasing rate, but also helped them make their profits more sustained and stable. The LED tube has advantages: ●  Higher luminous efficiency—120lm/w ●  Superior quality— SAMSUNG LED inside ●  CE …

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