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Warmly welcome to our booth in Canton Fair&HK Lighting Fair

Posted By: admin on Oct 18, 2012 in Company news

After hot and burning Summer, cool and comfortable Autumn is being. Now the whole WELLMAX is preparing the impressive both design and best new products for Canton Fair and Hongkong Lighting Fair. During the fair, we will be in the brand zone to show Energy saving lamps, LED, Incandescent bulb, Induction lamp, Halogen lamp and …

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On the invention of energy saving lamps(CFLs)

Posted By: admin on Oct 17, 2012 in Company news

The Cooper Hewitt lights were used for industries as well as photographic studios and the parent to the recent energy saving lamps were invented in 1890s by Peter Cooper Hewitt. A high-pressure vapor light patented by Hans Spanner,Friedrich Meyer, and Edmund Germer in the late 1920s.Later George Inman coordinated with General Electric created a practical …

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Brief introduction of energy saving lamp

Posted By: admin on Oct 16, 2012 in Company news

An energy saving lamp, called energy efficient light,and compact fluorescent light also,is a kind of fluorescent bulb designed to replace an conventional bulb (incandescent bulb); some types installed into lamp fixtures which are used for incandescent bulbs in the past. This kind of light use a tube that is folded or curved to fit into …

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To save energy with a LED light

Posted By: admin on Oct 15, 2012 in Company news

To save energy with a LED light So how about the technicalities of LED light technology? There are a lot of different kinds of LED lights you can use in your house. Many of the most normal ones are spotlights, like:  MR16 LED light,PAR30 LED light,GU10 LED light,AR111 LED light. However, there can be an …

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The comparison between a LED light and a CFL lamp

Posted By: admin on Oct 12, 2012 in Company news

Comparing the 2 on paper, the efficiency of the lamps is almost identical, within 0.5 lumens per watt. Whereas, considering the”real world”, there are some customers and environmental elements that make a case for both. One is on cost. If your basic concern is price, the energy saving bulbs will be a better selection for …

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The reason for the distinction between the laboratory and“real world”

Posted By: admin on Oct 11, 2012 in Company news

In a laboratory,all components can be controlled for the best possible conditions to creat light at ideal efficiency.The reason for the distinction between the laboratory and“real world”are the components which should operate together to convert energy into light. Factories can claim to reach an ideal results with better efficiency,for they are capable of utilizing components …

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The assumptions on CFLs vs LEDs are really true?

Posted By: admin on Oct 10, 2012 in Company news

We were encouraged to change demoded incandescent lamps to more energy saving substitutes when we talked of lighting our houses,and,more often,these substitutes are energy saving light bulbs  (CFL) and LED lights. The choice between the two is often grounded on some variation of the below assumptions: CFL bulbs are less efficient than LED lights.LEDs are …

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China will ban 100W incandescent bulbs from 1st Oct., 2012

Posted By: admin on Oct 09, 2012 in Company news

Last year, China issued a ban on incandescent bulbs which prohibit selling and importing bulbs of  100 watts and above. The ban will be executed from 1st, Oct., 2012. Furthermore, the ban expands to cover any incandescent bulbs of which powers are more than 60 watts in 2014 and to 15 watts in 2016. In …

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Wellmax returned to work from holidays

Posted By: admin on Oct 08, 2012 in Company news

Each of our WELLMAX LIGHTING has returned to work, a big smile on each face, what a nice day! Work while work, play while play.After 8-day relaxation, now we are concentrating on preparing work to HK Lighting Fair and Canton Fair,our latest bulbs including Energy saving bulbs,LED lights, fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs will bring …

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It makes sense to buy a higher imprest cost led or cfl

Posted By: admin on Sep 28, 2012 in Company news

LED lights will save consumers around $120 USD over their 20-year lifetime, in the long run,and turning to energy saving lamps will save customers about $70 in energy costs over conventional lamps, as the consumer agency put. LED has a higher imprest cost,”If you put your eyes on the financials on the lifetime of the …

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