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Wellmax LED lights widely used in North America

Posted By: admin on Aug 09, 2012 in Company news

Wellmax LED lights have been widely using for urban main road and highway in North America for several years,The light use die-casting aluminum and the surface adopts the weather-resistance and anticorrosive treatment. The lights that are with the simple ,fashioned design and 4 different color optional for the light body are well accepted by our …

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About water pollution

Posted By: admin on Aug 07, 2012 in Company news

What caused water pollution? Rivers or seas have self-cleaning abilities and can dilute the internal or external pollutants into safe levels. Pollution occurs when discharged pollutants surpass their self-cleaning abilities. With the rapid growth of population and the industry development in cities, water demand and consumption increases. Many pollutants are discharged directly or indirectly into …

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Some general tips for taking pictures

Posted By: admin on Aug 06, 2012 in Company news

Here is the essay from one of Wellmax lighting sales, he who helped make pictures for our products especially for energy saving bulbs is very interested in photography and enjoys so much his hobby in his daily life: How to take a good picture? It needs a lot of practices and skills, here are a …

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Using our brand to have a quick start in your market

Posted By: admin on Aug 02, 2012 in Company news

It is full of replica products of PILA, TUNGRSAM, PHILIPS…etc in some Africa market. It reports that duing to the property protection,making products under these brands without being authorized are all illegal. In recent years,we were working hard on pushing our own brand WELLMAX in Africa. We have several clients cooperating with us. They’re selling …

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New generation of LED lighting comes up

Posted By: admin on Aug 01, 2012 in Company news

LED light has continued to evolve as the years roll by. Lots of exciting designs emerged ,the future of every newcomer has been expected to be more surprising and acceptable. Actually, brighter and cheaper LED lights come up every few months,all kinds of modern designing processes are used in manufacturing, this attributes to the revolution …

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We have a lighting products training this month

Posted By: admin on Jul 31, 2012 in Company news

This month, our seasoned managers shared all their experiences in marketing ,sales skills and product knowledges(energy saving bulbs,led lights,induction lamp etc.) with new staff including me,they planned this study project for a time in order to help us grow and progress thoroughly. From all the experiences and product knowledge, we have got a comprehensive understanding …

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Some photography works from our designer

Posted By: admin on Jul 30, 2012 in Company news

The photographic equipments are not as expensive as before, but much popular duing to the scientific and technological progress. Various equipments have emerged, such as digital camera, digital video, mobile phone and digital singular lens reflex. Photography is no longer unreachable for an ordinary man. Good pictures are not only for entertainment, but also for …

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Wellmax led lights got high reputation from Europe

Posted By: admin on Jul 24, 2012 in Company news

2 years ago,we met a customer from Europe in Canton Fair,it is so nice for us to know each other,the customer visited our LED lights factory in Hangzhou city after the Canton Fair,he was shocked by our factory,it is the first time for him to see such a large scale and clean factory,the most important …

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Growing demand of LED lights

Posted By: admin on Jul 22, 2012 in Company news

LED has developed about 30 years since its invention in 1964,and the LED has been using in the lighting field since 21th century. Started from 2005, the LED manufacturer came just like the raindrop during the storm, because of the huge profit,we saw too many new LED companies came forth, and many companies disappeared because …

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Warmly welcome customers to visit WELLMAX Lighting

Posted By: admin on Jul 20, 2012 in Company news

We do cherish every visit of customers,we are happy to meet so many customers from different countries and market, all of them are nice and friendly. Firstly, we talk about business seriously,we exchange the market experiences and ideas,probe into the details for better cooperation. Different market, different quality, model and packaging requirements. But we only …

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