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A shortage in supply of mid power led bulb

Posted By: admin on Jul 24, 2013 in Industry news

Chinese LED Enterprises Restart Capacity Expansion for Demand Growth for LED Lighting in 2013 According to industry sources, the demand for indoor LED lighting in the first-half of 2013 has been strong, some Chinese LED enterprises pointed out that there has been a shortage in supply of mid power LED indoor lighting products, including bulb, …

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General global lighting is the largest lighting market

Posted By: admin on Jul 16, 2013 in Industry news

It is learned that traditional energy-efficient technologies are the mainstream,but LED is forecasted to take the lead position in around 5 years.In view of LED lighting market development,with the innovation and development of LED lighting products,the market will not be reduced but will be greatly increased.2014 to 2015 will be a period the alternative market …

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European and Chinese LED Lights market propsects

Posted By: admin on Feb 18, 2013 in Industry news

European and Chinese LED Lights market propsects European LED market remains promising Although large LED subsidy policies cannot be seen in Europe, its cultural and high electricity price emphasis on lighting still leads LED lights a hopeful option for commercial use and outdoor use. Europe has become one of the biggest LED markets in the …

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Domestic and international competition of LED field developed rapidly

Posted By: admin on Jan 10, 2013 in Industry news

With more attention to domestic LED promotion. There will be more foreign LED  lights enterprises entering the domestic market in 2013. The exhibition area of 2012 Guangzhou international lighting fair enlarged obviously. There were 6 companies that have their booth area more than 584 square meters,while, there is only one company did in last year. …

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Some Keywords to predict the trend of LED lighting Industry

Posted By: admin on Jan 07, 2013 in Industry news

Experienced a speedy development, price reduction tide and cold treatment, LED lights industry need to adopt its aim and strategic positioning, to achieve the resource consolidation of LED upstream, middle-stream and downstream with supporting industries. Keyword: Price The statistic that are from China LED general lighting market report, declared that only 0.1% market penetration for …

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LED In 2012

Posted By: admin on Jan 05, 2013 in Company news, Industry news

  The end of 2012 is coming. Looking back on LED industry of China in 2012 it’s really a challenging year to Chinese LED industry. LED market grew highly than former years in 2012 but the quality requirement from LED market increased as well. As we know there were many LED factories disappeared in China. …

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LEDs enhanced their influence in the international lighting market

Posted By: admin on Dec 13, 2012 in Industry news

LED lights enhanced their influence in the international lighting market.   Half a year ago, we were still trying to promote LED lights to our wholesalers and  distributors, as they were still waiting for the feedback from market : If  LED really will be accepted? If LED will be able to spread out as energy …

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Energy saving bulbs become the key to EU market

Posted By: admin on Dec 10, 2012 in Industry news

Energy Saving Bulbs become the key to EU market. Since Sept.1st, 2012, the EU market stopped importing the conventional incandescent bulbs, like the A19, C35, G45, and so on. So now left the energy saving bulbs,Compact fluorescent tubes (CFL), Halogen Saver bulbs (Class C) and LED products, which will play the vital role in the …

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A new business opportunity in South Europe is coming

Posted By: admin on Nov 02, 2012 in Company news, Industry news

A new business opportunity in South Europe is coming We just got a news about South Europe market:the goverment has announced to restrict import the Incandescent lamp from 1st Jan,2013.In fact,the same news for Tukey market we have heard on 1ST SEPT.2012.Most of people think that this is a bad news,especially for incandescent lamp’s factory …

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Incandescent bulbs banned in the EU members country

Posted By: admin on Sep 25, 2012 in Industry news

LED lights could replace the Incandescent bulb in next two years A university has found that LED could replace the incandescent bulbs around next two years. LED lights provide as much light as a 60W incandescent bulb, but using less energy. A professor of material science, points out that the prices have been decreasing about …

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