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How to choose a high CRI bulb?

Posted By: admin on Dec 24, 2012 in Knowledge base

Color rendering is a bit different from colour.Two lamps can both release white light,but certain colours will not perform well if lighted up by the first lamp,but they showed up quite well under the second lamp.That means the first lamp is a lower colour rendering index lamp (CRI). Conventional lamp has a CRI of 100. …

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LED panel light built-in installation

Posted By: admin on Dec 21, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

LED panel light built-in installation The built-in installation method is using the LED panel light to replace the existed ceiling tiles or placing the LED panel light on the frame for the ceiling tiles. 1. Put the panel light at the diagonal position. 2. Put the driver aside and insert the panel light into the …

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Matching lumens to Watts for halogens and GLS

Posted By: admin on Dec 18, 2012 in Knowledge base

Matching lumens to Watts for GLS lamps Lumens GLS equivalent Where to use it 200 to 225   25W Usually used to give ambient effect only, or to light cupboards etc. 350 to 400   40W Individual reading lights, fittings that take more than one lamp. 650 to 700   60W Wherever a less bright …

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About light output of the bulbs

Posted By: admin on Dec 17, 2012 in Knowledge base

Have you ever experienced the occasion that you have bought a low-energy light bulb and been disappointed with the result. It print ‘100 watt equivalent’on the packet, but when you took it back it just wasn’t that bright. The problem is that “100 watt equivalent” doesn’t really mean anything precise. The 100W figure is a …

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Be Careful To The Blue Light In Your House

Posted By: admin on Dec 04, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

Be Careful To The Blue Light In Your House Days ago one of our colleagues read a piece of news on Micro blog that one little boy’s eyes hurt by bathroom master. Then I started to think what hurt the little boys’ eyes. After he checked many books that many lamps in our home emit …

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The tips to choose light fixtures or luminaires

Posted By: admin on Nov 16, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

A dark bulb shade tend to absorb more than half the light output of a lamp before it is going to light up your house.So you will save electrity and cost simply through changing more transparent shades which let more of the light light up your room directly. The most energy saving fixture will usually …

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Brief introduction on the dimmable of energy saving lamps

Posted By: admin on Nov 07, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

Only some energy saving bulbs are labeled for dimming control. Using a dimmer with a common energy saving lamp is ineffective and will shorten lamp lifetime and void the warranty.Dimmable energy saving bulbs are available. The dimmer switch used in conjunction with a dimmable bulb should be within its power consumption range; many dimmers fixed …

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Another type of energy saving lamp–induction light

Posted By: admin on Nov 06, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

Another type of energy saving lamp is the electrodeless lighting,which are well known as fluorescent induction light or magnetic induction light. Such kind of lights have no wire conductors penetrating their envelopes,and instead excite mercury vapour using a radio-frequency oscillator. Since 2011, this kind of light source has been considered as high cost of production, …

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Using incadescent bulbs will reduce the gas emissions

Posted By: admin on Nov 01, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

In most areas in Canada, such as British Columbia and Quebec, central heating for houses is supplied by burning the natural gas, while electricity is mainly provided by nuclear power or hydroelectric. In such areas, heat created through traditional incandescent bulb lights significantly reduces the release of greenhouse gases from the natural gas.Some professional people …

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Energy efficiency of the energy saving bulbs

Posted By: admin on Oct 29, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

In 2010,incandescent bulbs took up about 50-70% of the total lighting market in the world, replacing all inefficient light sources with energy saving bulbs can save 409 terawatt hours (TWh)yearly, and 3 percent of the world’s energy consumption. Energy usage for different kinds of lamps operating at different outputs. Points lower on the graph correspond …

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