Join WELLMAX Global Distributor Program to Quickly Dominate Your Market!

Posted By: Emily on Sep 26, 2018 in Company news

In recent years, we have heard from oversea clients that they have been meeting a lot of head-scratching challenges during sourcing from China. And you probably have plagued with the same problems and are eager to find an optimal solution:

● 2-month long delivery.

● Poor products with high defective rate.

● Fly to China several times each year still can’t find a long-term supplier.

● Invest large amount of money in marketing and management but still keep small market share.

● ……

Do not worry! WELLMAX can help you address these issues. Our Global Distributor Program (GDP) which provides a series of benefits such as strong brand influence of WELLMAX and SAMSUNG LED, fast delivery, high quality products, and marketing supports can help you reduce risks and costs during cross-border purchase and achieve fast business growth in your local market!

Contact us today to find out how to become a part of GDP and what you can benefit from our GDP!

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