NEW Product Coming! Another Breakthrough in LED Lighting to Lead the Market

Posted By: Emily on Apr 24, 2019 in Company news

In the global LED lighting market, the LED panel has been gaining the most robust growth momentum because of its universal application. However, the opportunity always goes with the challenge, the fast-growing demand results in more fierce competition.

Under such circumstance, how to find a way out to win? Our flagship LED panel is coming to help you by its trendy shape and revolutionary design. With the LED beads spreading evenly on the plate like seeds on the sunflower, this new series is named Sunflower. Adopted backlit LED, the Sunflower can achieve highest light luminous efficacy, which overthrows the division between flat panel and retrofit bulbs in usage.

With large pre-orders and high praises from the just-concluded 125th Canton Fair, the Sunflower LED panel will be a trump card for your brand to dominate the market in both residential and commercial lighting.

Are you ready for it? It’s coming soon.

Sunflower LED panel

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