New Smart Radar Induction LED Bulb Brings Convenience to Your Life

Posted By: Emily on Apr 30, 2019 in Company news

With the passion of creating more values to our clients, WELLMAX’s R&D team has been keeping innovating and advancing. We care people’s needs and work hard to connect with the hearts and minds of people, giving the right answer to them. After the successful release of iDAPT tech and iDREAM LED bulbs in the last year, our R&D team brings out another smart LED bulb – Radar Sensor LED bulb for clients to experience the convenience of NEW SMART.

This LED bulb incorporates a built-in radar sensor that allows the bulb to switch on and off according to the surrounding environment: when a person moves into the induction range, the bulb will instantly switch on; if the person leaves or remains motionless for 30 seconds, the light will go out automatically. This technology brings large convenience to the usage of bathroom, warehouse, corridor, underground garage, etc.

Immune to temperature, airflow, dust and smoke, the radar induction LED bulb has a higher stability, making it the deal replacement for infrared induction and voice-activated LED products. It is a must-have for your brand!

New Smart Radar Induction LED Bulb

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