Bulbized LED Panel — The Most Trendy LED Panel of 2019

Posted By: Emily on Jun 26, 2019 in Company news

WELLMAX is renowned as the LED Bulb Expert because we have been focusing on first-class light bulbs for 32 years, and have sold over one billion bulbs to 95 countries. Although we have gained great popularity in global lighting market and loyalty from the growing client base, we still keep innovating and adapting to higher standards under the value of “light up the world with the best LED products”.

Recently when the market has shown its overwhelming demand for diversified domestic lighting, especially for LED panel due to its universal application, a revolutionary LED panel light of WELLMAX- Sunflower, infused our 32-year experience in R&D lighting, has come out to meet the strong needs for high-end luminaires of global consumers. We call the new LED panel light “Sunflower”, because it adopts the backlit illumination technology of LED bulb which has LED chips spreading evenly on the plate like seeds on a sunflower. 

With the advantage of LED bulb technology, the Sunflower panel can deliver a super high luminous efficacy just as the LED bulb do, making it a masterpiece that overthrows the division between panel and retrofit bulbs in usage. For the success of transferring the LED bulb technology into LED panel, we also call the Sunflower LED panel the “Bulbized” LED panel. 

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Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel

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