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The Most-Anticipated LED Downlight of 2020 Unveiled Today!

Posted By: Emily on Nov 05, 2020 in Company news

With so much expectation and interest from global clients, we proudly unveiled WELLMAX most anticipated new product today, SATURN LED downlight. Its most eye-catching scientific design is a reinvention of the classic. According to our research on the downlight market, we found many consumers still miss the classic downlight shape of the light bulb inside …

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Discover the Story behind WELLMAX in Our Film

Posted By: Emily on Sep 17, 2020 in Company news

After 33 years of development, WELLMAX has grown from a small business manufacturing incandescents to a globally recognized LED brand. We are very grateful for your support and trust along the way. All the time, we are committed to innovating high-quality lighting products, creating more value for global clients. With this sense of mission, WELLMAX …

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More Than Higher Brightness, This Downlight Creates Many Other Distinguished Values

Posted By: Emily on Sep 11, 2020 in Company news

With superior lighting performance and simple operation, Sunflower has won a great number of praises from clients and consumers. What advanced technology and design make it better than the ordinary slim downlight? We sincerely invited our technical manager, Peter Xu, to unveil the secret. Discover the technology behind Sunflower in the video.

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This LED Downlight Only Takes One Minute to Install

Posted By: Emily on Sep 03, 2020 in Company news

To simplify the installation of a downlight, WELLMAX engineers have made an upgrade on the mounting design of our Sunflower LED downlight: two more grooves on both sides of the junction box is the key to making a difference. Now users only take three steps to finish the installation. Watch the video to learn more. …

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An Inspiring Story: From Zero to A Top 5 Brand

Posted By: Emily on Aug 11, 2020 in Company news

In the face of a new field, we often feel lost and even pay a heavy price for our inexperience. No one seems lucky enough to succeed at once. However, today, Eason from WELLMAX wants to share an inspiring story with you. One of our clients went from zero to a Top 5 brand in …

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A Brief Introduction of WELLMAX’s Quality Control System

Posted By: Emily on Aug 04, 2020 in Company news

You may find that in recent years, WELLMAX has expanded rapidly. How did we succeed? Actually, we win the trust of global clients with consistently high quality. Today, let Heggie Liu, the Sales Consultant of WELLMAX, briefly introduce our quality control system to you. If the video is unable to play on your browser, please …

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Power Commercial Lighting Market With New Generation Ballet T bulb

Posted By: Emily on May 27, 2020 in Company news

Why the high power commercial lighting cannot be good-looking? New Ballet LED T bulb breaks through the boundary between aesthetics and utility, integrating innovative technology with WELLMAX signature elegant design. According to the real demand from warehouse and retail owners, the PC cover is redesigned to increase vertical illuminance by 30% for direct use without any accessories. The improvement …

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Check out WELLMAX’s Newly-Designed T Bulb!

Posted By: Emily on May 21, 2020 in Company news

The new T- shape LED bulb with WELLMAX exclusive Ballet design redefines commercial lighting ▼ Adopted new structure design, this bulb can increase the illuminance by over 38%, allowing it to reach maximum brightness with no lampshade required. ▼ Specially designed for actual requirements for wholesale, retail stores and warehouse to save lighting costs. ▼ LED provided …

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Explore What is Timeless Classic in WELLMAX

Posted By: Emily on May 19, 2020 in Company news

33 years ago, WELLMAX launched the standard light bulb to meet daily indoor lighting needs. Entering the LED era, this classic A-shape bulb has been given new life. Its longer lifespan, excellent energy savings and simple design make it a necessity for every home. Even though new products are constantly being introduced to the market, it is …

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Sammi Yan From WELLMAX Shares With You Our New Product – SENSTAR LED Bulb

Posted By: Emily on May 15, 2020 in Company news

Dear client, how are you recently? Today, Sammi Yan, our Sales Manager for Afircan market, would like to share with you our new product – SENSTAR LED Bulb. Please check the video below to get full information! If you have any question about WELLMAX products, you are warmly welcome to contact us via email Best …

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