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The lifetime of energy saving lamps

Posted By: admin on Oct 26, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

Energy saving lamps typically have a rated working time of 6,000 to 15,000 hrs, while a normal incandescent bulb only has a lifetime of 750 to 1,000 hrs. The lifespan of any bulb depends on several factors, including lamp orientation,manufacturing defects, operating voltage, mechanical shock, exposure to voltage spikes, ambient operating temperature,frequency of cycling on …

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How to clean up the fragments of LED lights and Halogen bulbs?

Posted By: admin on Sep 12, 2012 in Knowledge base

How to clean up the fragments of LED lights and Halogen bulbs? LED lights: Step 1:Wear a protective mask or cloth to cover your mouth and nose,also,protective gloves is necessary,like rubber gloves. Step 2:Using a broom in place of a vacuum,following the cleanup procedure for fluorescent lamps. Step 3:Place the gloves mask and broom in …

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How to clean up Energy saving lamps when it broke?

Posted By: admin on Sep 07, 2012 in Knowledge base

Energy saving lamps are more technologically advanced than traditional incandescent lamps, but they are all made of glass. It makes them fragile, broken energy saving bulbs are more dangerous than incandescents. Energy saving lamps contain a small amount of mercury, which can be toxic if it flows into your body. Step 1:Clear people,pets and the …

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Ways of controlling beam angles

Posted By: admin on Sep 06, 2012 in Knowledge base

WELLMAX controls beam angles with the subsequent methods: A. HIGH POWER LED Lights. The angle determined by the frame, lens, or mold.The angle depends on the depth of the frame cup,while for that lens and mold,there are a variety of angles to choose, like 120 °, 140 ° or 160 °. B. DIP led:Controlled by …

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The application of beam angle

Posted By: admin on Aug 29, 2012 in Company news, Knowledge base

Small angel:10°, in general, small-angle irradiation range design makes the small but long-distance light area ,such as the indicator of the railway. A wide angel:30°, wide-angle meets a wide but short range lighting requirement.Such as: traffic signal lights required for uniformity and consistency of the light. The oval wide angle. Oval wide angle LED lighting …

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Led lights compared with energy saving lamps

Posted By: admin on Aug 08, 2012 in Knowledge base

Led lights compared with energy saving lamps   An energy-saving lamp must contain mercury, while LED light is mercury-free manufacturing which  leads to be more eco-friendly. LED lighted by one-way linear, in the case of the same luminous flux, the illumination is twice brighter than energy-saving lamp.Using the constant current source causes little effect on …

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The main composition of an energy saving lamp

Posted By: admin on Jul 25, 2012 in Knowledge base

In case you’re wondering, here’s what a compact fluorescent lamp actually looks like inside.   (Don’t break one apart  by  yourself; there is some health risk from the mercury inside if you do so.)   Photo: Inside a compact fluorescent lamp. The numbers on this photo are  the parts named as bellow: 1) Connection to …

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Why conventional lamps waste so many energy

Posted By: admin on Jul 04, 2012 in Knowledge base

To understand what’s so good of energy saving lamps, we first need to understand what’s so bad of ordinary ones. Most lamps are incandescents.It means they give off light because they are hot. A typical electric light bulb is a glass globe with a very thin piece of wire inside it. The thin wire, called …

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History of energy saving lamps

Posted By: admin on May 17, 2012 in Knowledge base

The parent to the modern fluorescent lamp was invented in the late 1890s by Peter Cooper Hewitt.[4] The Cooper Hewitt lamps were used for photographic studios and industries.[4] Edmund Germer, Friedrich Meyer, and Hans Spanner patented a high-pressure vapor lamp in 1927.[4] George Inman later teamed with General Electric to create a practical fluorescent lamp, …

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How to evaluate energy saving lamp

Posted By: admin on May 16, 2012 in Knowledge base

Evaluation of an energy saving lamp is good or bad, we should consider the following aspects: 1 Security: security include the following: a. Lamp holder (iron or copper, aluminum) with a combination of plastic parts are tight; b. Tube and shell plastic parts is closely combined; c. Whether the lock between upper and down plastic …

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