Energy saving bulb helps everyone spend less on electricity

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Inefficient lamps(conventional lamps)are phased out from some European shops,they are all being replaced by energy saving bulbs,energy saving lamps are compact, bright and available in a wide range of shapes,so the only difference you’ll realize is a drop in your electricity bills.

We explain why energy saving lamps are taking over, how much you can save, and the benefit to the planet.
The savings: money as well as energy

Fitting just a CFL can save you £4 a year averagely,and by replacing all the conventional bulbs in your home with energy saving ones you will save about £56 a year.

At present,most of the 650 million bulbs in some European houses are conventional bulbs of a kind or others. By taking off these inefficient bulbs,you will creat a big difference to your national energy consumption.

Who’s behind the phasing out of inefficient light bulbs?

The Government, energy companies,retailers are all working together to phase out the conventional lamps. Meanwhile, lamp enterpreneurs are working to change their factories, thus to produce enough CFL lamps to meet the growing global demand.

Lower rated lamps will be phased out gradually until they had all been removed from the shelves of major retailers. Some countries’s plan began phasing out lamps greater than 100W.

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