Advantages of energy saving bulbs

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High-Quality Light: Newer energy saving bulbs give a warm, inviting light instead of the “cool white” light of fluorescents. They use rare earth phosphors for wonderful color and warmth. New electronically ballasted energy saving bulbs don’t flicker or hum.

Efficient:Energy saving bulbs are 4 times more efficient and last up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs. A 22 watt energy saving lamp has around the same light output as a 100 watt incandescent. Energy saving bulbs use 50 – 80% less energy than conventional bulbs.

Reduces water and air Pollution: Replacing an incandescent bulb with an energy saving lamp will keep a half-ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere over the life of the bulb. It declared that if everyone in the U.S. used energy saving bulbs, we could retire 90 average size power plants. Saving electricity reduces CO2 emissions, sulfur oxide and high-level nuclear waste.

Less Expensive: Although initially more expensive, you save money in the long run because energy saving bulbs use 1/3 the electricity and last up to 10 times as long as incandescents. A 18w energy saving lamp used in place of a 75w conventional lamp will save about 570 kWh during its lifetime. At 8 cents per kWh, that equates to a $45 savings.

Versatile: Energy saving bulbs can be applied almost anywhere that incandescent bulbs are used. Energy saving lamp can be used in track lighting,recessed fixtures, ceiling fixtures,table lights and porchlights. 3-way energy saving bulbs are also now available for bulbs with 3-way settings. Dimmable lamps are also available using a dimmer switch.

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