How to choose an energy saving lamp

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Energy saving lamps show in many sizes and shapes.See to it that ask the seller for recommendations and consider the following when purchasing energy saving lamps:

A. Choose the shape.
Energy saving lamps are available in different shapes to fit a range of lights and lighting fixtures. There are spiral shape,U shape,bulb shape etc.For more please refer:

B. Choose your favorite light quality.
Energy saving bulbs have a Kelvin or ‘K’ number printed on the packaging. Energy saving lamps with K numbers between 2700-3000 emit a soft bright light like conventional bulbs. Energy saving bulbs with K numbers between 3500-6000 deliver a bright light. As you go up the K number scale the light gets bluish and closer to daylight.
For example:
Approx. 5000K = Cool White (white/blue, bright light)
Approx. 2700K = Warm White (looks just like incandescent)

C. Match lumens to the incandescent being replaced.
Lumens indicate the amount of light being created. (Watts is a measure of energy use, not light strength.) Lumen output is printed on the light package or on the light product page if buying lamps online.


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