Growing demand of LED lights

Posted By: admin on Jul 12, 2012 in Company news

LED has developed about 30 years since its invention in 1964,and the LED has been using in the lighting field since 21th century.

Started from 2005, the LED manufacturer came just like the raindrop during the storm, because of the huge profit,we saw too many new LED companies came forth, and many companies disappeared because of the immature technology and high cost, and this still happens sometimes in the south of China, however,the situation is getting better and better with the much improved technology.

Energy saving bulbs became the reliever duing to the prohibition of using Incandescent lamps,and LED is hoped to hold the position of the energy saving bulbs nowadays, a growing demand of LED lights appeared in the market.

For the customers,because there is still no international standard yet except for America,the customers and the endusers are still hesitating about the quality,hopefully in the
end of 2012, the new regulations will come out,the lighting business will be the real energy saving business.

To be a new start, and face the new challenge,we do the same thing,that is to save our earth!

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