Hospital Lighting

Hospital Lighting Solution


As a place to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, hospital needs to create a capacious and comfortable atmosphere, as well as bringing about a neat and quiet environment, in order to give full play to the function of the hospital and the impact on health directly or indirectly.

Therefore, lights need to be chosen differently according to different functions of hospital. In many cases, the medical staff must observe and judge the appearance of the patient’s skin color before making the correct diagnosis. In addition to ensuring the normal use of lighting in 24 hours , the demand for lighting is different in different areas. And in any situation, the hospital should pay special attention to imposing restrictions on the glare.

Hospitals are required to ensure the stable lighting in 24 hours, without holidays and festivals throughout the year, with a high requirement for lighting,as a new type light source, LED is easy to satisfy the almost harsh lighting requirement in hospital for its proper design and high cost-performance of energy retrofit.


Advantage of  LED lighting solution

Environmental protection and energy saving: No mercury, no pollution, no ultraviolet (uv)radiation. LED saves up to 50% of energy more than CFL , and 80% more than incandescent bulb giving with the same brightness.

High efficiency : adopting the high-efficiency LED chips, luminous efficiency of lamps can reach 80 Lm/W.

Low lumen decay, long service life: the average service life is up to 25000 hours, Light failure is far lower than the traditional lights.

Quick cost recovery: Recoup the cost within a year and a half after renovation.

Wide range of color temperature: almost can provide not only any color temperature, but also light with any color such as red, green and blue.
High color rendering index: CRI>80.

Easy to install, safe and reliable: adopt the built-in type isolation power supply, just replace the original fluorescent tube with the LED fluorescent tube, remove the ballast and starter and change the circuit chart slightly.

Hospital Lighting Solution
Hospital Lighting Solution
Examining room
Hospital Lighting Solution
Emergency room
Hospital Lighting Solution

Demonstration of energy saving

Comparison 10000pcs of 18 w LED
fluorescent lamps (1.2m)
10000pcs of 18 w LED tube(1.2m) after retrofit
Performance Comparison lighting efficiency 52 Lm/W 80Lm/W  efficiency increased by over 50%
mercury pollution yes no Without danger, really comfortable and environmentally friendly
Flicker yes no Avoid illusion, effectively alleviate visual fatigue
start several seconds promptly
CRI 50-70 >80 More comfortable natural and   brighter
power factor 0.529 0.89 High power efficiency
service life 5000hours Above 25000hours Durable, more than three years without change
Noise yes no Quiet space to patients
Energy Saving lighting duration 24h/d 24h/d
power consumption/day 10000pcs×42W×24h
Save electricity
per day 5280 KWH
power consumption/year 10080KWH×365d
Save electricity per
year1927200 KWH
electric charge per year 3679200KWH×1yuan/KWH
 power savings
annually 1927200yuan
Maintenance Cost The frequency of
At least every other eight months.
So there are 15000 tubes need
to be replaced in a year
no Reduced damage at least
a year 15000tubes
cost of replacement 6yuan×15000pcs=
60000yuan(T8tube 6yuan/pcs)
no Save at least 90000yuan/year
cost of labor 0.1×15000×8=12000yuan
(6mins=0.1h/pcs,cost of labor 8yuan/h)
no Save at least 12000yuan/year
Total The initial investment should be 500000yuan (50yuan×10000pcs).
Annual maintenance cost can save 102000yuan (90000yuan+12000yuan),
and power savings annually
(1927200 yuan +102000 yuan)=0.25year.
Recoup your investments within 3months
Save costs per year 202,920,000yuan(1927200yuan+90000

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