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Hotel is a tranquil place that retains guests to stay , whose lighting should be acted as an intimation to convey the feelings of friendliness,sweetness,security,elegance,privacy etc. to the guests.

The requirements of hotel lighting technology : Warm color with 3000k,CRI >85,UGR: 19 ~ 22.

7 elements of hotel lighting: Suitable and comfortable light color,brightness of light source,visual effects and excitement,easeful brightness distribution,projection angle of light source, stereo and layered feelings,shadowy and dreamy feelings.

The tendency of hotel luminous environment: Color lighting will be widely used;color and lighting design is an important means to create the world of light and artistic atmosphere; Energy saving and environmental protection become a new theme.

The trend of the hotel lighting: The first impression that the hotel has left to the guests is very important.Favorable lighting can not only draw their attention to the entrance to the reception desk but also other things they are interested in,as a result, a profound impression can be left on the guests. Favorable lighting can also be used as a silent guide device leading the guests from the corridor to the guest room, elevator, or restaurant.
Modern lighting technology can build an individual mood as well as meeting the needs of a variety of environments,either as a simple relaxation, or social activities or jobs.

Led also allows you to adjust the color and brightness of the light at will.With just a simple touch of the button, the light can be transferred to the required effect.
Hotel can provide customers with a variety of choices in order to make them feel comfortable and delightful. To those who are eager to relieve from the intension and pressure in real life,the space which is refreshing and wide makes them feel as if they were placed on an island,which is far away from the madding crowd, and such effect can be realized by a touch of the switch.

New-type lighting equipment extends life longer and is environmental protection.It can reduce the total cost of the hotel for its lighting energy consumption can be lowered by about 40%,which effectively bring down the cost of the hotel operation.

With the continuous improvement of the traffic network,travel cost is cheaper, therefore,the hotel’s status becomes very important.A prominent hotel requires an excellent lighting system.Splendid external lighting can highlight the architectural style of the hotel while interior lighting can soften contour lines in the room, then the bar becomes more comfortable,warm light can make the guest room more comfortable, and cool light can make the bathroom neater and brighter.As a result,the hotel makes passengers feel quite at home.

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