India is Going to be the NO. 1 Player in Global LED Bulb Market

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NEW DELHI: India is ready to become the largest market for lighting systems based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs), for all the inefficient bulbs would be replaced to these energy-efficient lights according to the UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All) scheme by Narendra Modi-led government.

“India is selling 770 million LED bulbs per day, and it will become the capital of the LED world soon. The Price of LED bulbs has reduced from over 3.5 pounds (Rs 332) to 55 pence (Rs 52) 2 years ago,” a government statement cited power minister Piyush Goyal as telling investors in London on Wednesday.

Today, 12% of all of the LED lighting system sold in the world goes to India, as stated by managing director of Energy Efficiency Services, Saurabh Kumar. The Company, which is promoted by the state-owned power company, is the nodal agency for executing the UJALA scheme. Kumar said that the growth of India’s share in LED lighting systems consumption is mainly not only being driven by LED bulbs promoted through UJALA scheme, it was also said to include all forms of lighting. More than 970 million rupees of LED bulbs, have been used under the scheme so far.

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“The good thing about UJALA is no subsidy is involved, by the Centre or any state government. There once was a bulb replacement program in China, yet it was based on subsidy,” Kumar said. UJALA brought down the price of an LED bulb of 9-watt to 85 Rs on average. Some states were given even lower prices in the course of bidding. “UJALA is technically offering the best lights of nine watts. For example, you can buy an LED lamp with an average of $ 1.25 in India, compared to $ 3.5-4 two years ago,” Kumar said toward his London audience, referring to Goyal’s pound-denominated pricing.

As for UJALA, the scheme is part of a larger Modi government’s plan to manage the demand-side, which was agreed in broad climate strategy to meet the voluntary target and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a global climate deal.

Lighting sector takes up about 20% of the total electricity consumption in India. Most of the lights needs in the domestic and public sector, have been satisfied by inefficient CFL or incandescent or bulbs. The UJALA ambition is to replace all the 77 crore inefficient light bulb of the country with LED bulb.

It is expected that after completion, the Ujala scheme would save Rs 40,000 crore annually on electricity bills for consumers. The scheme is also expected to lead to a reduction of 20 000 MW load, 100 billion units of energy saving and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 million tons per year.


Source: Times of India, India headed for top slot in global LED bulb market, April, 2016


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