Supermarket Lighting

Supermarket Lighting solution


It is necessary for the supermarket to create a shopping experience which is pleasant and  relaxed for consumers. After all, 70% of the purchase decision is made temporarily in the store, while 68% belongs to impulse shopping.

To a certain extent, the consumers’ shopping experience will be improved by means  of concise and effective signboard,consumer sales promotion information and the striking checkstand. However, these work takes up not only too much space and a lot of time, but also the money invested .

Moreover, WELLMAX lighting solutions can not only act as the guide of the consumers in the shop, but also turn into a promotion method of a low cost and high efficiency . How to change the lighting system with an aim to do a brisker  business as well as let consumers have more enjoyable shopping experience? WELLMAX provision is given priority to energy-saving lighting solutions.


The lighting principle for the retail food area

Supermarket Lighting solution

Supermarket Lighting solution


Energy saving comparison& economic benefit analysis

Product Power Luminous flux(lm) Light efficiency Effective luminous flux(lm) Lifetime(hrs)
Traditional T8 18W 960 75% 720 8000
LED T8 9W 900 95% 855 25000
Traditional T8 36W 2400 75% 1800 8000
LED T8 18W 1800 95% 1710 25000


TraditionalT8 36W LED T8 18W Remarks
power consumption of light source (W)  36w 18W
power consumption of electric appliances(W)  4w 18W
total power consumption of single set(W)  40w 18W
quantity(set) 11000 11000
power consumption per day(KWH) 5280 2376.00
useful time per year(calculated as 12 hrs )  4380 4380
total useful time of five year
21900 21900
total power consumption of a year( KWH)  1927200 867240.00
total power consumption of five years ( KWH )  9636000 4336200.00 total power saving :5299800 KWH
total electricity bill of a year (RMB) 2312640.00 1040688.00 follow the electricity tariff in business: 1.20yuan/KWH
total electricity bill of five years (RMB)  11563200.00 5203440.00
procurement cost for a single set of light  source and electric equipment(RMB) 25.00 75.00
total purchase frequency in 5 years  3 1
total procurement cost (RMB) 825000 825000
total use-cost in five years (RMB) 12388200.00 6028440.00  total reduce expenses:6359760


Supermarket Lighting solution
Supermarket Lighting solution
Meat and poultry
Supermarket Lighting solution
General goods

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